Laura is a softball player from Great Britain, she started with baseball and then switched to fastpitch, she was a member of the GB Juniors golden team from the European Championship in 2016. Her dream at this moment is to go to the States to study and play college softball. 

Laura is one of many players, who had the chance to work on their softball improvement with Craig Montvidas. "I first met Craig back in 2015 when he led a softball clinic for girls in Softball High-Performance Academy." 

Back then, Laura was an unexperienced softball player, who "had passion and knowledge of the game, but didn't have much the perfect skill-set. I had the basics covered but wasn't pushed to do harder and more complicated drills to enhance my ability." 

That's when Craig came into the picture. "I remember his drills were new to me and it forced me to push myself. He helped to tweak and adjust my fielding and hitting. I felt the change."

"Craig was the first person who asked me if I ever considered playing softball at college, and here I am now. If he never asked, I don't think I would've been this motivated to reach my dream of study and play softball in America."

Why have you registered for ESCA Camp?

"It's going to be an amazing environment filled with people who love softball! I hope to learn as much as I can from both the players and coaches, and take advantage of the resources available at the camp so I can become a better softball player." 

What are your expectations and what do you want to learn there?

"I expect to be pushed physically and mentally, so I can leave the camp knowing that I've improved in some way because every small gain is valuable. I want to learn specifically the most efficient ways to field backhands in the infield."