Chris Matern was the first person to sign up to our second ESCA Training Camp! The 29 year-old German coach actually comes out of the baseball world. Chris started playing baseball when he was 14 years old. Seven years ago, he started coaching a youth baseball team before he switched to softball three years later. At the moment he is the coach of the women’s softball team Gröbenzell Bandits, and besides that he also goes to university to become a teacher.

’I saw the announcement for the 2018 Camp some weeks ago. And since the camp last year was really great I was pretty sure I would like to go again this year. When the registration opened, I thought, better save a spot before they are gone. ‘’

Because he was the first one to sign up, we had a couple of questions for him.

If I say ESCA Camp – what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

A lot of softball addicted girls and coaches.

What is it that you enjoyed most at the 2017 Camp?

The atmosphere. Everybody, coaches and players had a lot of fun but worked hard every day of the camp to learn new stuff and to get better in playing or coaching.

What was the most beneficial to you – what/who have you learned the most from at the 2017 Camp?

I learned the most from the pitching lessons with Karen and Marjolein. To get three different perspectives at once (Karen as a coach, Marjolein as an experienced pitcher and the younger player as learning pitchers) helped me very much to understand the different drills and to see the difference in the outcome issued by little changes in the motion.

Has your coaching changed in any way after you attended the camp?

Yes! I use some of the drills I saw at the camp in my practice. But far more important, since I'm coming from baseball I was used to coaching boys, the camp helped me so much to change my coaching to fit my girls’ needs. The instructors had great solutions for some of the problems I had since I started coaching softball. 

What are you looking for in the next edition of the ESCA Training Camp?

I'm looking for some new inputs, how to improve my practice and make it more fun and more successful for the girls in my team. 

If you were to pick one instructor (besides Craig) who you would want to be at this year’s ESCA Camp, who would it be?

Like I said before, for me personally, the pitching lessons were most important. So it would be great to have Karen back at the camp.

-Helena Novotna, Romy Marinus-