About Judith

currently coaching/playing: playing 1st Divison with ROEF! and pitchingcoach for all age groups (9-99yrs).

coaching experience: Little League Seniors (agegroup 15-17 yrs), European & African Regional Championships 2016, Little League Littles (agegroup 10-12yrs), National Championships 2017, Little League Littles, European & African Regional Championships 2018. The past 2 years I have been working alongside renowned pitchingcoach Karen Marr, training the Dutch national youth talents. Also providing pitching clinics in Europe.

motto: If you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine!

"I'm really excited to pass on my knowledge on pitching. Creating awareness of your body, while going through the mechanics. But also getting comfortable with being uncomfortable; trying new things, and making the connection between the body and mind. Giving practical tips to the coaches, on how to analyse the movement of pitching and help to adjust where you can. So helping you, help yourself become a better pitcher and/or coach. And most importantly making it all fun, together!"