My name is Marjolein Merkx, I am a pitcher for about 15 years now and playing on the highest level the last 7-8 years. Enjoying every single opportunity to spread the love for the game to others and especially the pitching part. I was at the ESCA camp last year and I totally loved it, therefor signed up for the next year right away to help again with the camp and pitchers.

I am very excited to work with the ESCA-pitchers again this year, not only because I am very eager to tell you all about the things regarding mechanics but also why pitching is my favorite. Getting you a bit out of your comfort zone to make you better, while having tons of fun. Working hard to accomplish your personal goals, getting to know your body and make you even more excited about pitching. Thereby telling you about how to be as confident and relaxed as needed while being in the circle during a game. I want to be a total open book about everything you want to know about pitching and my experiences so far.