Hello ESCA campers,

Few weeks has passed since we said our goodbye's at the ESCA camp in Diessen. The past few days I have had the time to reflect on what was a busy week for all of us. To everyone who attended (staff, players, shadow coaches) thank you so much for sharing your valuable time and being part of ESCA 3 (or is it ESCA 4?). Personally I can look back with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing we did our best in trying to conduct a training camp full of enjoyment and shared learning. Of course there is always room for improvement and in due time we will evaluate where ESCA has been, where ESCA is now, and where ESCA plans on going?

I sincerely believe we accomplished our number 1 goal of "Getting Better Together"!!! Although the opportunity was used at the closing ceremonies to thank everyone for their efforts, I would once again like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU one last time. First to Bart van Knegsel and his crew at the Nieuwe Erf for displaying their hospitality during our 5 day 4 night visit. A big applause for Petra Cizmic Pokrajac and Helena Novotna who helped with the pre-camp logistics, their behind the scenes effort set the foundation for a week of success. My sincerest admiration for the ESCA Instructors (Jeroen, Marjolein, Judith, AnnaKarin, Marta, and Elisa), who shared their expertise with everyone during the camp. 

Thank you Shadow Coaches for sharing your insight plus your willingness to gain more Softball knowledge on your path to becoming better coaches. Finally, the players, a special tip of the hat to all of you who attended ESCA 3. Your passion for our sport makes our job as coaches extremely rewarding, your enthusiasm was off the charts.October has concluded. Fortunately I was able to use my Halloween costume, (new version), one more time yesterday. I scared so many people, it was great! Now November has arrived. Some of you will be starting team practices soon. Hopefully you will be able to use some of the things you learned last week in getting ready for 2020. This means that as either player or coach, you already have a "head start" on your competition.

Thank you everyone, you are all CHAMPIONS!!!

Sincere regards, Craig