The team has to accomplish specific tasks within an amount of time or there are consequences served.  Coaches will be judges as to whether or not task is completed. GREAT ENERGY is expected from everyone!

1. Clean ground balls from each infielder and first baseman 12x … each has two, throw to 1b included  Claire, MM, Sky, Taylor, KD, Caroline … time allowed 2 min (consequence – 10 burpees)

2. Throws to 3B and ICE on a line, for an out … 3Baseman catch at 3b, catcher at ICE Kloyee, Merris, Elissa, Tow, KB … time allowed 3 min (consequence – 20 mt climbers)

3. Make a lineup – facing a top strikeout pitcher, righty, tons of curveballs, hardly any up or down (consequence – one triangle)

4. Throws to 1B, hit a target (bath mat on screen) need 8 in a row under 3 minutes (consequence 10 burpees)

5. Pitchers – throw their most comfortable pitch for a strike 8x within two minutes (two at a time in bullpen) (consequence – 15 squat jumps)

6. Four corner throwing drill … everybody has to make a throw and has to be caught within 40 seconds (consequence – two poles)

7. Pitchers hit the seven pockets one pitch at a time, call your pocket, 3 min (consequence – one stadium run)

8. Pick four teammates to make it around the bases in 47 seconds in a relay race  (consequence – lunge around the bases)

9. Pick four teammates SAC fly --- one swing off a live pitch) (consequence – triangle)

10. Pick four perfect sac bunt  (consequence – one min plank)

11. Pick four slap and run at 1b (consequence – hold the world for a min)

12. Pick four for a HR – 90 seconds (consequence – two poles)

13. Pick four for score the runner from 2b, two outs (consequence – hill sprint twice)

14. Pick four for squeeze – one pitch (consequence – side plank 30 secs twice)

15. Pick four move the runner one pitch (consequence – around the bases)

16. Pick four to get on to start an inning – at bat (consequence – monster walk – )

17. Pick four to coach and four to perform (four -- hit and run, slap and run, drag, sac) (consequence – team picks)

18. First and third, one out, tie game, top 7, runner is going to steal … tell us how the rest of the innings plays out strategy- wise in your mind … 60 seconds 

19. What’s my name?  Try and figure out what name tag is on your back … you don’t want to be the last person in the  circle … ask questions about and try to figure out who you are … five minutes to figure out who you are.