The Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS) announced the official lineup for its 2021 convention, the CON6, taking place online.

The CON6 2021 Baseball and Softball Convention is an international event with online sessions available in both Italian and English languages from March 16-20, 2021.

All the speeches can be followed on the YouTube channel of FIBS, FIBSChannel, through the links and will premiere at the time (CET) indicated in the schedule. CNT speeches will remain online until noon (CET) of the following day. 

Team Italy manager and National Baseball Hall of Famer Mike Piazza returns as the main attraction after appearing at last year’s CON6 in Rimini. Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon along with MLB Network/Fox Sports reporter Jon Morosi appear courtesy of the Italian American Baseball Foundation. Baseball expert Eugene Bleecker of the 108 Performance Academy and Just Softball innovators Deb Hartwig and Susie Parra deliver outstanding presentations. 

Other highlights include National Softball Coaches Association Hall of Famer and current UC Riverside coach Cindy Bristow, WBSC umpire Lisa Turbitt, German Umpiring Committee Chair Christian Posny, international softball umpire Nacho Pardo, from Spain, as well as the Dutch scorer Dennis Duin and Gil Reyes from Venezuela who will serve as CNC guest speaker.

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Tuesday March 16

18:30 Stefano Malaguti: Introduction to Teaching BXC, Baseball for the Blind - coaching
18:30 Gregorio Carletti: Physical Training - umpires
19:30 Movimento MaBasta!: The Problem of Bullying - coaching, team executive, communication
19:30 Andrea Annunziata: Sponsorships - team executive, communication
20:00 Stefano Pieri: Fourth Out - coaching
20:30 Eugene Bleecker: The Power of Player Development - Part 1 coaching baseball
20:30 Cindy Bristow: Defensive Coverage - coaching softball
20:30 Gianluca Magnani: The Key to a consistent strike zone, the right position at home plate - umpires
21:00 Stefano Pieri: Fourth Out Question Time (live Zoom) - scorers

Wednesday March 17 

18:30 Stefano Malaguti: Fielding and Hitting in BXC - coaching
18:30 Mauro Meloni: Designated Hitter - umpires
19:10 Sergio Radice: Pills of Three Man Mechanics - 1 - umpires
19:30 Daniela Simonetti: Abuse Prevention in Sports, Change of Culture; Responsibilities and Signs - coaching, team executive, communication, athletes
19:30 Daniele Vimercati: The Perfect Call: Mirage or Reality? - umpires
20:10 Christian Zannoni: Pills of Three Man Mechanics - 2 - umpires
19:30 Andrea Annunziata: Sponsor, covid revolution - team executive, communication
19:30 Dennis Duin: Baseball vs Softball, differences in Scoring - Part 1 - scorers
20:00 Dennis Duin: Baseball vs Softball, differences in Scoring - Part 2 - scorers
20:30 Mauro Mazzotti: Team Building - coaching baseball, athletes, team executive, communication
20:30 Cindy Bristow: Offensive Strategy - coaching softball
20:30 Christian Posny: Collision Rule - umpires
21:00 Dennis Duin: Baseball vs Softball, differences in Scoring Question Time (live Zoom) - scorers

Thursday March 18  

18:30 Maurizio Balla: Teaching Baseball5 through a Learning Progression - coaching
18:30 Matteo Sabbadini and Denis Codarini: Off-lane Runner - umpires
19:30 Eugene Bleecker: The Power of Player Development - Part 2 - coaching baseball
19:30 Debra Hartwig: My Favourite Catching Drills - coaching softball
19:30 Andrea Annunziata: The Social Media - athletes, team executive, communication
20:00 Roberto Saletti: Videos for Scoring - Download Questionnaire - scorers
20:30 René Saggiadi: Athleticism in Baseball - Part 1 - coaching baseball, athletes, medical staff
20:30 Susie Parra: Screw Ball - coaching softball
20:30 Nacho Pardo: Game Management, Post Game, Self-criticism and Self-assessment - umpires
21:00 Roberto Saletti: Videos for Scoring Question Time (live Zoom) - scorers

Friday March 19 

18:30 Andrea Cardone: Talent, Training Conduction Style and Learning in Youth Sector - coaching, athletes, medical staff
18:30 Marco Moretto: Unusual Cases and Solution Analysis - umpires
19:16 Andrea Caser: Pills of Three Man Mechanics - 3 - umpires
18:30 Andrea Annunziata: Facebook - athletes, team executive, communication
19:30 René Saggiadi: Athleticism in Baseball - Part 2, The Pitcher - coaching baseball, athletes, medical staff
19:30 Susie Parra: Rise Ball - coaching softball
19:30 Valerio Pizziconi: Offensive Interference - umpires
20:30 Gil Reyes: Unusual Cases Interpretation (live Zoom) - scorers
20:30 Mauro Mazzotti: The Development of the Technical Structure - coaching baseball
20:30 Debra Hartwig: The Art of catching - coaching softball
20:30 Lisa Turbitt: A Look in the Rule Book - umpires 
20:30 Gianfranco Beltrami: Anti-Doping Rules - coaching, athletes, team executive, medical staff

Saturday March 20 

14:00 Mike Piazza: Preparing for the Key Moments. A talk with Roberto Angotti - coaching, athletes
14:00 Lisa Turbitt e Christian Posny: Q&A (live Facebook) - umpires
15:00 Enrico Obletter: The Teaching and the Legacy - coaching, umpires, scorers, athletes, team executive, communication, medical staff
16:00 Joe Maddon: Bull-pen Management. A talk with Jon Morosi - coaching baseball
16:00 Cindy Bristow: Practice Organization - coaching softball
16:00 Softball Round Table (live Facebook) - umpires
16:00 News 2021 - scorers
16:00 Andrea Annunziata: Other Social Media - athletes, team executive, communication
17:00 René Saggiadi: Athleticism in Baseball - Part 3, the Position Player - coaching baseball, athletes, medical staff
17:00 Susie Parra: Change-up - coaching softball
17:00 Baseball Round Table (live Facebook) - umpires
17:00 CNC Technical Commission: Videos for Scoring - Part 2 - Questionnaire Discussion (live Zoom) - scorers
18:00 Eugene Bleecker: The Power of Player Development - Part 3 - coaching
18:00 Andrea Cardone: Planning, Organization and Analysis of the Training Process - coaching, athletes, medical staff
18:00 Three Man Mechanics Round Table (live Facebook) - umpires
19:00 Mauro Mazzotti: The Leadership - coaching baseball, athletes, team executive
19:00 Debra Hartwig: Throw Downs Know the Math - coaching softball
19:00 2020 Awards and Umpiring Committee Closing (live Facebook) - umpires